Raising money for water

       Avery Norwood, a sixth-grader at the University School of Colorado Springs (USCS), lived six years in Ethiopia.

Abby Hansen (far left) was a seventh-grade customer at the University School of Colorado Springs' sixth-grade barbecue/ lemonaid stand to support Blood:Water Mission Oct. 2. Teacher Amy Mientka is at the end of the table. The sixth-graders are (from left) Lyla Wood, Forge Mientka, Andy Aire, Kellan Salem, Avery Norwood, Susannah Wood, Gracie Mientka and Clayton Fletcher.
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       So she knows first-hand some of the hardships in that part of the world, not the least of which is obtaining clean water.
       “We can go to a water faucet, while they have to walk six hours,” she said.
       Helping that situation there, as well as in other parts of the world, was a month-long project for her class, climaxed by a fundraising barbecue/ lemonaid stand on the school lawn during lunch period Oct. 2 that raised more than $500.
       USCS is a a K-12 private Christian school at 115 S. 27th St. and 2713 W. Cucharras St.
       Avery and her 13 classmates, led by teacher Amy Mientka, organized the lunch event, including making flyers and baked goods and the wooden stand along with gathering all the food and supplies except the lemonaid, which was donated by the Chick-fil-A restaurant.
       The sweet drink has a particular significance, having become a symbol of the project by the international Blood:Water Mission that seeks ways to makes clean water available to more people.
       The money raised will be given to that mission. “They're encouraging people all over the world to set up lemonaid stands,” Mientka said.
       Based on Blood:Water Mission calculations, “One dollar provides enough to supply one person with life-giving water for an entire year,” she elaborated. “In our minds that's 500 people that we can help in just a day's work, and these kids are just 11 and 12 years old!”

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