Renovation, restaurant revive Templeton House

       The historic Templeton House at 2 S. 25th St. has been renovated and reopened as a restaurant.

Rod and Ami Quass stand outside the Templeton House, where they've started the 2South Food and Wine Bar.
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       The 2South Food and Wine Bar is open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner and Thursday through Saturday for lunch as well, according to owners Rod and Ami Quass. Menu items reflect an eclectic variety of entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, snacks and desserts.
       The wines come from all over the world, with a plan to eventually have 100 to 120 different bottles in all, Rod said. Also installed is a preservation system to keep opened bottles fresh longer.
       Built in 1890, the 1,650 square-foot, two-story house is named after Henry Templeton, a businessman who built it and lived there.
       The house has been used as a restaurant by different enitities in recent years.
       A group called the “2 S 25th St Trust” bought the property from the Kessler family in 2011. Rod and Ami, who have a five-year lease-purchase arrangement with the group, described major renovations in which they also sought to retain the Templeton House's historic character. Work included reinforcing the first and second floors, adding a bathroom, creating a full kitchen (adding a hood) and stripping the hardwood floors.
       Finding the Templeton House was part of their dream of starting a business. “We always felt we wanted an old house,” Ami said. “I love historic buildings. I thought this was a great place.”
       The couple are 15-year Coloradans who originally moved here to start a team-building ministry. “We were not dissatisfied, but just felt like we needed to change how we did life,” Rod explains on the 2South website. “Instead of instructing and facilitating others' experiences in an educational environment, we wanted to create a destination close to where people live where that could take place naturally in community. We realized that most times that happens while people take the time out of their day to nourish themselves and slow down to also interact in the relationships of those around them.”
       The business phone is 351-2806.

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