Clean-up off GoG Road for household haz waste

       A free recycling opportunity called the “Fall Clean Sweep Event For Household Hazardous Waste” will be held Friday, Oct. 12 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
       The location will be a large parking lot south of Garden of the Gods Road, in a parking lot off Arrowswest Drive.
       Sponsored by the El Paso County Environmental Division and Health Department, Clean Sweep will accept a range of household goods, including several types with chemicals. Only household waste will be accepted. The list follows:
  • Automotive chemicals, batteries, electronics, household chemicals, lawn and garden chemicals, medicines and medical sharps, paint products, paper to be shredded (limited to two boxes per household and tires (passenger and light truck - limit four).
           The Environmental Division has a year-round collection facility on the east side of the city. According to the office's Kathy Andrew, the northwest area of the city, off Garden of the Gods Road, is where “we've wanted to do something. It's close to the area with the fire. Hopefully, people will look around and see things they don't need.”
           The division has also participated in spring drop-off days organized by Harris Realty at Coronado High School.
           This will be the first time shredding has been offered by the county at a remote-site event. Andrew said it was in response to some requests.
           The Health Department is interested because the more items that are recycled, the less goes into landfills, and “there's a trickle-down effect,” Andrew said.
           For more information, call 520-7871.

    Westside Pioneer/press release