Report: Westside bridges essentially solid

       A City Engineering document, titled “Suffiency Report - Major Bridges,” lists no major Westside spans that require immediate attention. Many have had work done in the last three years, the report shows.
       “Major” means 20 feet or longer, according to the report, which was presented to City Council recently by City Engineer Cam McNair.
       Bridges are inspected every other year by a private engineering firm contracted through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Through these inspections, which look at stability aspects as well as age and traffic volumes, bridges are given a “sufficiency rating” between 0 and 100.
       Although no rating number automatically triggers repair or replacement, “our office gets particularly concerned when this rating drops below 50,” said Robin Kidder of City Engineering in a recent e-mail exchange with the Westside Pioneer.
       The only Westside bridge near 50 is the 25th Street bridge over Fountain Creek. It scored 51.4 in the 2006 inspection, after a previous rating of 49.4. According to Kidder, the score improved after the city touched up the 90-year-old structure two years ago. “We had the girders sandblasted and painted, bridge-rail repaired, wooden sidewalk fixed, scour hole filled in, guard rail installed, etc.,” he said.
       The Cimarron-Conejos bridge, a major east-west span that's due for replacement this winter, had scored as low as 23 in 2002, but after some interim repairs, it has risen to 66.7. Still, with concerns about water seeping into the decking, McNair referred to it as “our worst right now.”
       The major Westside bridges follow, in order of lowest to highest ratings:
       25th Street/Fountain Creek (51.4), slated for Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority replacement in 2012.
       26th Street/Fountain Creek (68.5), repaired in '05.
       Camp Creek/multiple streets (69.4), repaired in '05.
       21st Street/Bear Creek (71.5), repaired in '05.
       Chestnut Street/ Douglas Creek (73.1), repaired in '06.
       Eighth Street/Fountain Creek (73.6), repaired in '05.
       Garden of Gods/local drainage (78.1), repaired in '06.
       Eighth Street/Bear Creek (81), repaired in '05.
       Centennial Road/Douglas Creek (83.8), repaired in '06.
       Cimarron Street/Fountain Creek (84.4), pending.
       Westmoor Drive/Camp Creek (85.9), repaired in '07.
       21st Street/Fountain Creek (86.9), repaired in '05.
       Holland Park Boulevard/Douglas Creek (96.8), under repair.
       30th Street/private service road (97), repaired in '07.
       Garden of the Gods/branch Douglas Creek (97), repaired in '05.
       Fontanero Street/Camp Creek (98.2), repaired in '05.

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