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Two recently built Old West-style facades are seen facing Colorado Avenue at the southeast corner of 21st Street. These are the work of the business there - Westside Tattoo - with the murals done by local spray-paint artist Drake Gann ("Drastik").
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Letter: Plaudits for historically styled facade/mural work on tattoo shop building

       Every time/morning I drive my dog to the Bear Creek Dog Park, I approach the Westside Tattoo building down 21st Street and see its Native American wall mural and a new wooden frame fronting Colorado Avenue with the single word "TATTOO."
       I stopped into the place this morning to congratulate co-owner Aaron Moore on his achievement.
       I know that some people objected to the business' first mural in 2005. But it's the combination of the mural and the wooden front design that makes it appealing.
       (Editor's note: According to the business, the artist for all the current Westside Tattoo murals is Drake Gann, who uses the business/art name of “Drastik.”)
       I am hardly into the tattoo fad, but that front exterior (which was once a glass window for the Floor Craft store) is in as good historical taste as any building on the Westside.
       I talked to Aaron, and he told me he grew up on the Westside, and they decided to do what they did after lots of research to make it fit in.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 10/5/16, updated 10/12/16; Opinion: Letters)

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