Sidewalk proposed on Manitou Boulevard

       A sidewalk is proposed for an uphill segment of Manitou Boulevard that goes past the Boys & Girls Club between Chestnut and Monument streets.
       With numerous children walking along the streets, particularly before and after school, “there are some real safety issues here,” said Don Sides, who coordinates the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) construction program, which would pay for the work. “This is a good area to spend our money in.”
       He presented the idea at a meeting of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) Sept. 11. Another project proposal was Armstrong Avenue between 19th and 21st streets. However, Sides said he thinks Manitou Boulevard ought to take precedence, and he got no disagreement from OWN. He had initially presented the project as Chestnut up to the club at Praderia Avenue, but OWN board member Dick Strauch suggested continuing it on up to Monument. “That's where all the kids are,” he said.
       Sides said there appears to be sufficient money ($270,000) in the CDBG fund for the Westside Neighborhood Strategy Area (NSA) for which OWN is the city- recognized advocacy group.
       The work would probably not get started until around the first of the year. The favored side of the street is the south/west side (where the Boys & Girls Club is). “We're just getting started on the design,” Sides said. “And we've got to put together some pricing.”
       One design issue will be laying the sidewalk through yards in front of private homes that for years have been landscaped up to the curb along Manitou Boulevard. “My guess is a lot of that is on the public right of way,” Sides said. However, the longtime NSA leader pointed out that he has worked successfully with property owners in similar cases, and “we try to put everything back as good as it was.”

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