Several tribes at Rock Ledge’s 1st Nation’s Day

       Several American Indian tribes will be represented at the fifth annual First Nation's Day at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site Saturday, Oct. 11.
       Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., visitors can take in singing, dancing and drumming by the Northern and Southern Plains Indian Dancers and Singers, Southern Ute Shadow Wind Dancers and the Catching Eagle drum group, as well as educational programs by the Jicarilla Apache and Southern Ute.
       Visitors will also have chances to view hide tanning, bead-working, weaving and flint knapping, shop for arts and crafts and try out traditional foods such as fry bread and Indian tacos.
       Interpretive education programs will be presented by Sabrina Forrest and Mark Gardner.
       Admission is $6, with discounts for seniors and children.
       The ranch is a city-owned 1880s-style working ranch off Gateway Road at 30th Street, operated in part by the volunteer Living History Association.

Westside Pioneer/press release