Engstrom: Project account, by the numbers

       The following jocular account by Coronado High Assistant Principal David Engstrom followed the first performance (by the Wind Ensemble) in the new auditorium Sept. 27:
       “I feel I need to make this announcement. Parents, please resist the urge to rush the stage just to give your child a hug. We have security in place to detain you if necessary.
       “You are probably aware that we are all about numbers in education. With this auditorium project we had our own 'CSAP' - Coronado Spectacular Auditorium Project. Let's go over the data together, shall we?
       “Number of cougars moved: 1.
       “Truckloads of sod: 5.
       “Installation of big rocks: 9.
       “Number of trees: 12.
       “Days of planning: 250.
       “Days of construction: 400.
       “Number of seats: 792.
       “Numbers of gray hair: Countless.”
       “There is a very good reason why we did it: The students.”

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