8th Street footbridge to be installed Oct. 5

       Eighth Street traffic near Fountain Creek could be somewhat congested through the mid-part of Monday, Oct. 5. That's the kind of thing that can happen when a new bridge gets installed.
       According to city project engineer Colleen Dawson, trucks are scheduled to deliver the 120-foot-long pedestrian bridge from Greeley in two 60-foot sections by about noon that day. Weighing 38,000 pounds in all, the unit is steel with a wood deck, “much like other pedestrian bridges in our parks,” she said.
       Installation will take place over the following several hours, hopefully being completed before the evening rush hour, she summarized. Four concrete abutments for the bridge (two on either side of the creek) were poured a few weeks ago, just east of the current Eighth Street traffic bridge across the creek.
       The bridge installation's main impact will be on northbound traffic, which is slated to lose its rightmost lane near the work area starting after the morning rush hour. This is similar to what's been occurring during the project (which started about two months ago), but traffic lanes will be even more “pinched” than usual, including restrictions on turns in and out of the two businesses just south of Fountain Creek (Arby's and Speedy Car Wash). “If drivers can avoid the area, they may want to,” Dawson said.
       The six-foot wide footbridge is part of a project to improve traffic and pedestrian safety along a segment of Eighth Street. Between the creek and Highway 24, on the east side of the street, there will also be a sidewalk (lining up with the footbridge and going atop a retaining wall that's been under simultaneous construction) and an extension of the existing northbound right-turn lane so that it can handle more cars.

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