Gold Hill police substation to open near 8th Street in about a year

       The Westside is slated to have its own police substation in about a year.
       The anticipated site for the Gold Hill Division facility encompasses 12 acres on the south side of Moreno Avenue, southeast of Red Noland Collision, according to Jerry Bentrott, director of management services for the Colorado Springs Police Department. Funding will come from the .04-percent Public Safety Sales Tax (PSST), approved by voters in 2001, that listed the substation as one of its expense items.
       The substation will provide coverage to more than just the Westside. The Gold Hill division's area goes east to Union Boulevard, north to Fillmore Street, south to the Broadmoor and west to Manitou Springs.
       However, the facility will provide amenities geographically convenient to Westsiders, including a community room that can be used for public meetings and a 24/7 front desk where people can file reports, Bentrott said.
       The building is to be constructed along a short cul-de- sac off Moreno. The structural design will be “pretty much the same as” a police substation recently built in Stetson Hills at a cost of about $6.3 million, he said.
       The goal in choosing the site was to be “kind of centrally located,” he added. “From Moreno, you can get to 8th or 21st streets, Highway 24 and Old Colorado City.”
       The site is intended to be long term. “We envision this as a 30- to 50-year building,” Bentrott said.
       For many years, until 1993, the Westside had a Gold Hill Division building on Robinson Street in the Midland area, but it was really just a “show-up area for patrols,” not open to the public, Bentrott said. The leased site was not suitable as a long-term location for several reasons, including size, layout, security and parking, he explained.
       The Gold Hill Division, one of four in the city, has worked out of the Police Operations Center in the south downtown area since it opened in 1993. Between 100 and 150 people are expected to work out of the new substation, Bentrott said.
       Development of the new location is moving slowly through the necessary administrative hoops. “We probably won't close on the site until the end of the year,” Bentrott said. “We need a zone change to a public facility zone, and we need to do a development plan. It takes time to get all that stuff done…. We'll open in fall 2005, depending on how everything else goes.”

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