Hughes back on OWN board after 20 years

       Dave Hughes, who helped found the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) about a quarter of a century ago, has rejoined the group.
       “As a homeowner on 24th Street for 27 years, a 1980 founding member of the Old Colorado City Historical Society [OCCHS] and as the owner of a small technical communications business, I have been involved and interested in the planning, progress and changes which have occurred on the Westside,” Hughes writes in his letter asking to be a member again. “With the general growth of Colorado Springs, it is clear there are both problems and opportunities for Westsiders to influence changes affecting their homes, lives and neighborhoods… I have a special interest in balanced undertakings which act to preserve the history which gives the Westside its unique architectural, social and economic character.”
       OWN, the Westside's main advocacy group, retains the geographical boundaries Hughes drew up for it in the late '70s. The idea, he said, was to match up geographically with an area of the old Westside which was (and is) a federal Housing and Urban Development Department Neighborhood Strategy Area (NSA). As an NSA, the Westside is eligible for public funds, and OWN provides input into that process.
       Hughes noted that OWN was formed as a residential element of the revitalization of Old Colorado City and the Westside as a whole.

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