EDITORíS DESK: Where do Westsiders shop?

       Look out, here comes some shop talk.
       One thing we've been noticing, as we continue our quest for Publishing Profitability, is that not as many Westside businesses as you might expect put a high priority on reaching the neighboring residents. For instance, in our 18 years living in the Midland area, I could count on one hand the number of shops/restaurants that have gone out of their way to let us know they'd really like to have us as customers.
       Old Colorado City is especially interesting in that regard. It has changed over the years, from the kinds of "bread-and-butter" shops defined in Mel McFarland's column in recent weeks into a quote-unquote "romantic" locale which, according to marketing advice provided this week to Old Town merchants, appeals most particularly to women ages 35 and over.
       I'm no marketer, so I can't argue that point. And I do know for a fact some women in that age bracket live nearby on the Westside. But instead of reaching out to them for their Christmas advertising, sizeable numbers of Old Colorado City merchants are opting for a broad-based strategy - radio, TV, the daily paper, hello-Briargate-we're-over-here, that sort of thing. Does it hurt my feelings that we're the only publication covering Old Colorado City events on a regular basis and yet we're not part of this ad "package"? Sure. At the same time, I understand they've got to make decisions they believe are in their best business interests. Their thinking seems to be that the "locals" (as many OCC merchants describe us Westsiders) already know about them. But do we really? Maybe it's time to do a survey and find out.

- K.J.