COBWEB CORNERS: A walk on the Avenue: Part 4

By Mel McFarland

       I sure stirred up a few people's memories with this series so far. I think this time I will be going back before many remember! This week we will be back in 1932. We will start at 21st, with Sacred Heart on the north side and across the street Micci Grocery, like last week. In this block on Colorado lived Clyde Prosser and Charlie Pressler, both of the Midland Terminal. They worked together for many years as engineer and conductor on the same train. Dr. Fanning's A-1 Tonic Company was located where Blunt Mortuary would be someday. Does that say something about the tonic's success? Fred Burghart's Gas and Oil sat diagonally across the street.
       At 24th, Gordon Conway's gas station was on the corner. Across on the south side of Colorado sat George Wilson Jeweler, Chamberlin Brothers Batteries, McDonald & Huff Coal Service, Fay Shepard Photography and Otis Thrasher's grocery store. Several stores were empty. Across from the park, the old bank was closed, but the National Hotel had rooms. Along on the north side there were many more empty stores. On the next corner sat Hathaway Furniture, Arapahoe Foods, Palace Grocery and Hamilton Market. At 2503 you could find Safeway. Like in the 1940s, the grocery business on this corner must have been fierce!
       Cole's Drug Store was next to the post office. In the area were two barber shops, a beauty shop, two bakers, a doctor, several laundries and more empty stores. The gas station on the north side across 26th was vacant, but McBurney Oil was doing well on the south side. At 2611, the Alexander Film Company had its developing lab. Clark's Service Station at 2715 was going strong, surrounded by many houses, including two Unser families across the street. On the corner at 28th sat Clark Supply Company's lumber yard. I can not tell if they were related to the gas station. The House of Warwick Curios operated at 2801, with Midway Realty at 2802 - both likely booming businesses in the summer.
       Hose Company Number 5 was in its spot at 29th, with Dr. Fountain in the old City Hall across the street. From here west, as in later days, there were many vacant houses. I will have to see how much further back I can go with this series.