Trail map perusal at next RRC meeting

       Trail map development will be a “major focus” of the second public workshop on the Red Rock Canyon, White Acres and Section 16 open space properties Wednesday, Oct. 5, according to a city press release.
       Starting at 6:30 p.m., the meeting will be at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St., as was the initial gathering Sept. 8.
       Colorado Springs Parks is leading the effort to “build upon the Red Rock Canyon Master Plan developed through a community process in 2004,” the release explains.
       The recently purchased White Acres and Section 16, totalling about 700 acres, both neighbor the existing, roughly 800-acre Red Rock property. The city plans to combine all of them into one big open space called Red Rock Canyon.
       Section 16 has two heavily used trails - the Intemann Trail and the Palmer/Red Rock Loop, which have traditionally received regular attention from volunteer groups. A link from the Intemann, built by the city with volunteers five years ago, connects to Red Rock Canyon. Other trails, some named and some not, traverse parts of Section 16 and White Acres.
       Some of the discussion at the Sept. 8 meeting revealed conflicts among different types of trail users (horses, bikes and hikers), along with a general desire to resolve them amicably, possibly through trail design or signage. Another issue is that although the city had money to buy the two new properties - chiefly drawing on revenues from the tenth-of-a-cent open space sales tax - it has limited funds for maintenance of their amenities (mainly the trails), and must rely to a large extent on volunteers.
       Additional public workshops are scheduled Nov. 16 and Jan. 18.

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