3 from Coronado High make Mayor’s 100 Teens for 2011

       The recently announced Mayor's 100 Teens for 2011 includes three Coronado High School students.
       The annual program seeks nominees each spring from 9th to 11th grades who are “committed to serving others, have overcome adversity or unique obstacles in life to achieve significant goals, and are positive role models for their peers,” according to a statement from Mayor Steve Bach on the program's website. A committee of community members makes the final selections.
       Below are capsules on the Coronado selectees, along with the life philosophy and number-one goal that each provided for the Mayor's 100 Teens document.
  • Marlen Gomez moved to the U.S. from Mexico when she was 7. She now has enough bilingual skills to be a tutor and a translator and is even taking French and considering a career in international business or law.
           Life Philosophy: “To live life with no regrets.”
           #1 Goal: “To be the first in my family to go to and complete college.”
  • Brian Sullivan has overcome severe dyslexia to earn the Eagle Scout rank, take honors classes and work as a volunteer for the Salvation Army, U.S. Olympic trap shooting and Golden Circle Nutrition program.
           Life Philosophy: “Embrace those with the gift of dyslexia? They (We) are the ones who will change the world for the better.”
           #1 Goal: “To use my gifts to expand the horizons of the human race through space exploration and the engineering fields.
  • Kara Zehner volunteers with the Colorado Springs Therapeutic Riding Center and the Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS). Since she started at Coronado last year, she has joined the yearbook staff and mock trial club.
           Life Philosophy: “No matter how hard things get, everything always gets better.
           #1 Goal: “To make at least one person smile each day.”

    Westside Pioneer/press release