‘Kids these days’: CHS volleyballers
       I wanted to let Westside Pioneer readers know about a special group of young ladies with whom I am currently working. It seems that every generation bemoans “kids these days.” I was raised by my Depression-era grandparents from Oklahoma, and I heard these sentiments over and over again. Kids don't know how to work hard. Kids don't have good manners. Kids don't know how to be kind. I have heard this from college volleyball coaches that I have worked with. Kids don't know what it takes to improve; they expect the coach to wave a magic wand.
       When I volunteered to help out with the Coronado volleyball program this year, I figured it would be a couple of times a week, and maybe I'd attend a few games. What I didn't anticipate was the degree to which my commitment to the team would explode, based on their work ethic and character. These girls are willing to put in extra effort to improve. They show respect to coaches and teammates. They listen. They express gratitude. They do well in school. They have fun. Head Coach Don Lash told me when we met this summer what a special group he had. I had no idea how special. Coaching these kids is the best part of my day. I would like to invite all Westsiders to come support these girls (who are currently undefeated) at upcoming home games, Oct. 4 and 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the Coronado gymnasium. I feel that you will be impressed and entertained, as well as encouraged, as I am, about our future leaders and citizens.

Stormie Wells