The Sept. 22 Westside Pioneer reported on an e-mail from Westside civic leader Dave Hughes criticizing District 3 City Councilmember Lisa Czelatdko and her e-mail responses defending herself.
       The end of the article noted that the last of Czelatdko's three e-mails included an offer to meet with Hughes and talk things over, but at press time he had not replied.
       Since then, the two have communicated further by e-mail and agreed to get together at the Old Colorado City History Center next week.
       District 3, one of four council districts, covers the southwest area including the older Westside. Hughes' concern, as stated in the article, was that Czelatdko, a Cheyenne-area resident elected in April, had shown little or no interest in the Westside. In her responses, she listed several Westside-related issues she has worked on, including historic preservation, No Man's Land and medical marijuana.

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