Values West Side Tattoo’s mural
       I, like generations of my family before me, am a Colorado Springs native and Westsider. I have always loved this part of town for its charm and diversity. There aren't any covenants telling us we have to have the same cookie-cutter life as our neighbors. Everyone is free to be themselves and I believe that is what makes this such an inspiring and desirable part of town to live in.
       When reading the Westside Pioneer Sept. 15, I was very disturbed to come across the letter degrading the mural at West Side Tattoo. I was shocked to find someone so intolerant representing my side of town. How can there even be a question over whether or not that mural is art? To me it seems clear. The mural is a creative form of expression that took an enormous amount of talent to create. How can that not be art? To say that the mural “might” invite gang tagging is like saying building another fast- food restaurant is going to make everyone fat and unhealthy.
       As far as the reference to the mural being gaudy, frankly I've seen some homes that are far more colorful, and more power to them because it's their right.
       I like the mural at West Side Tattoo. I think it adds more of that color that I love so much about the Westside. Of course I don't expect everyone to like it, as with any form of art, but as my mother always said “If you don't have something nice to say.....”
       Thank you, West Side Tattoo, for having the courage to be yourself. We could all learn something from you.

Naomi Romero