Villa de Mesa to become a gated community

       The Gold Hill Mesa development group recently built a wall on the south and west sides of the Villa de Mesa neighborhood off 21st Street.
       The six-foot-high barrier, which was a condition of the development plan and eventually is to be completed on all four sides, was amenably designed after discussions between Gold Hill Mesa manager Bob Willard and the Villa de Mesa Homeowners Association. An estimated 1,000 feet has been built so far.
       “They wanted a wall that wouldn't block their view, but would provide privacy,” Willard said this week, adding that his crews made sure not to wreck the neighborhood's landscaping in the process. “They've got a nice, flat wall all the way. We leveled that out.”
       “We're very pleased with it,” said association President Lana Wright.
       The 214-acre development will eventually surround all sides of the 25-household neighborhood. And, Villa de Mesa Drive off 21st Street - once used solely by the neighborhood - is to become an access to Gold Hill Mesa as well.
       That's part of the reason Villa de Mesa plans to become a gated community. “It will be very nice,” Wright said. “With all the trucks, and all the work, it will be just as well if we're gated. “We've had a couple of large trucks go in here, and it's not easy for them to get out.”
       The gate will be electric. Gold Hill Mesa is helping with the expense.
       The wall on the east and north sides will be built in future months when construction activity - currently focused in the project's upper area off Lower Gold Camp Road - moves down the hill, and the elevations are better known, Willard said. Chain-link fencing is there now.
       Villa de Mesa was built in the early 1970s. It was originally to be the first phase of a larger development on Gold Hill, but the owner went broke, and Villa de Mesa has sat by itself ever since.

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