More info on the Clark’s train spur
       I enjoyed your interview with Norm Clark, whose family was so important to the Westside from the time they opened Clark's Service Station in 1931.
       Here is one set of historical dots I connected up, related to that gas station location. In 1877, controversial Charles Stockbridge built a brewery at what is today 2729 W. Colorado Ave., right on the property that was later purchased by Lester Clark. Stockbridge also bought the “hotel” across the street at 2901 W. Colorado that is today's Amarillo Motel, and used it as his residence. Because Palmer's Denver and Rio Grande Railroad ran up Cucharras Street to Manitou Springs, behind the brewery, Stockbridge built a short railroad spur off that line to the back of his brewery. This allowed him to park a boxcar, into which he could load the beer kegs without blocking the main D&RG line.
       The brewery had burned down and Stockbridge was long gone from Colorado City when Lester Clark started his service station in 1931, but that short spur was still there. As your interview with Norm reveals, he would bring in a railroad tanker car filled with gasoline, park it on the spur and pump the gas into his underground tanks. According to Norm, there was a Colorado Springs ordinance at that time that severely limited the capacity of any wheeled truck carrying gasoline inside the city limits. So that railroad branch, along with the Stockbridge Brewery spur that had stopped being used 40 years earlier, solved Lester's problem and helped kick- start the Clark's company that ended with 21 stations across the state. And the station used that spur for more than 30 more years.

Dave Hughes

Disagrees on 14th Street interchange
       I read the Westside Pioneer's proposal about a 14th street interchange for Highway 24. I see the logic behind it, but the problem is that then you'd be dealing with all of the traffic that is going to be using 14th street between 24 and Colorado Avenue. Seeing how I live a mere block away on 15th and Cucharras, I have to say I disagree with this portion of your proposal because it's a neighborhood street. Twenty-first street is already a thoroughfare and so that seems a bit more reasonable to widen, in my humble opinion!
       We already deal with people flying across 14th between 24 and Colorado Avenue, and there are wrecks occasionally because of people speeding down Cucharras between 21st and 8th streets - my neighbor just got her car totaled because someone ran the stop sign at 14th and Cucharras while she had the right of way.

C.J. Hendrickson