Fish have friend at Westside business

       Some people enjoy holding their dogs or cats and petting them. But goldfish? That's more to the liking of Vickie Siggers. Vickie Siggers has this fish in the palm of her hand. 
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       “Goldfish are my passion,” said Siggers, part owner of Fish and Feather Ponds, which has hundreds of them for sale - in a range of varieties - along with koi and other types of fish, pond supplies, accessories, decorative items and bird houses and feeders at 3427 W. Colorado Ave.
       She'll gladly demonstrate how goldfish will allow themselves to be placidly cupped in her hand while she lengthily pets their heads.
       Siggers, with 20 years experience in the fish industry, is the business-running partner of Fish and Feathers. Her partners are Terry Rudolph and Deborah and Greg Kopchak. “It's always been a goal” to have a place of her own, she said.
       The business is set up in a converted house between Fountain Creek and Colorado Avenue, a few blocks west of Safeway. Areas of Fish & Feathers' front and rear yards are used to house fish (in warmer months) and demonstrate different rock/waterfall outdoor pond configurations that people can purchase. Customers can park in front or in back.
       As might be expected from someone who likes her goldfish well enough to pet them, Siggers takes the health of her living creatures seriously. “I make sure people who come here get healthy fish,” she said. “If I didn't, I'd end up with a bad name in the industry.”
       Besides her beloved goldfish, Siggers also carries koi and tropical fish. What's available depends on the season. In the winter, shoppers can find tropical and exotic goldfish; in the summer, koi and pond goldfish. Koi and goldfish are in the carp family, with koi tending to become larger and more colorful.
       Although she declines to buy fish from the public, Siggers is willing to take in people's “unwanted fish” (as long as they're healthy).
       The business does not sell birds, but does offer several types of wild birdseed and different style of hand-made feeders.
       A long-range future plan is to add a large greenhouse in the back yard that would have the dual purpose of growing pond plants and providing an opportunity for customers to view an active pond year-round.
       The business opened earlier this year. Siggers is enjoying working on the Westside. “People are friendlier here,” said the long-time Coloradan (since 1982). “It's more home-like - a small-community feel, not part of the hustle and bustle of Colorado Springs.”
       Whether or not the location makes the goldfish friendlier too, customers will need to discover for themselves.
       The phone is 636-3475.

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