‘Headache bars’ tried to keep big rigs off Cimarron bridge

       A low-hanging device, called a “headache bar,” was being installed this week at either end of the Cimarron-Conejos bridge just east of I-25.
       The bars are intended to limit the height of vehicles to 9 feet, which should simultaneously keep down the overall size. The city had put up a sign stating that a 10,000-pound limit was in effect shortly after deficiencies in the city-owned, 48-year-old bridge were identified in August. However, many large trucks have been reportedly ignoring those signs.
       There will be emergency bypasses for Fire Department use, according to city spokesperson Julie Levie.
       The bridge, which goes over Fountain Creek and the railroad tracks, is slated for replacement in 2007. In the meantime, traffic is limited to two lanes.

From a press release