OCCHS sells most tickets ever for ‘Crawl’

       The 15th annual Cemetery Crawl had the most ticket sales in its history Sept. 22.

Standing next to the tombstone of David Moore in Fairview Cemetery, Johnie Jackson portrays the Civil War veteran during the Cemetery Crawl Sept. 22.
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       The event, a fundraiser for the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS), attracted 314 ticket-buyers in all, according to Susie Schorsch, the OCCHS treasurer. The income, however, did not exceed last year's approximate total of $1,800 because of increased advertising costs, she said.

Laura Moncrief as John Gardner's second wife. A graphic of him during the Civil War leans against his gravestone.
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       Set at Fairview Cemetery, the Crawl features volunteers in historical garb reenacting people from the past next to the tombstones where they're buried. Guides lead groups from one location to the next.
       This year's event had seven characters, including three new ones - the mother of Birdie Stapleman, a Kansas girl who died here of tuberculosis in 1909; David Moore and the wife of John Gardner. Both of these men were Civil War veterans who later moved to Colorado City.
       Johnie Jackson, portraying the Kentucky-raised Moore, brought an 1819 smooth-bore musket for a prop. Jackson himself is from Alabama, so he was interested in the character right away when OCCHS Secretary Jo Cervone suggested it to him. “At last, somebody with a southern accent,” the OCCHS volunteer grinned.
       Moncrief, an historian from Florissant, had re-searched Gardner's life. She portrayed his second wife, who was 37 years younger than he was. “That probably got the tongues wagging back then,” she said.
       The OCCHS owns and operates the free-admission History Center at 1 S. 24th St.

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Dianne Hartshorn as Blanche Burton.
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