EDITOR'S DESK: We’ve got spirit, yes we do

       All the “smart” people were sleeping in Saturday morning, Sept. 22. Or maybe, if they weren't sleeping, they were home reading smart literature - you know, the kind that scoffs at silly, simple endeavors like yelling and screaming and running around for the sheer joy of doing so... not to mention that nebulously joyous concept of school spirit, which of course learned scholars know is absurd and even bad, because all smart young people should be spending their time despairing over Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Social Issues, Big Guns, Big Warming and, let's not forget, Big Macs.
       A couple of the local papers drove home such points recently, with one sneering how some snappy event was "not your junior high pep rally," and another declaring the Springs to be a "social backwater."
       Heaven knows I wasn't one of the smart people Sept. 22. I was out among the wild folk on Colorado Avenue, feeling like a battery on a charger. Each Coronado float coming down the street seemed to be trying to outdo the one before it. "We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit! How about you?" This was shouted from one float to another, only to have it shouted back, twice as loud.
       Kid stuff, right?
       Then there's that happy proclamation about being "in the house." The Coronado Cougars having the acronym "CC," the way it came out was: "CC's in the house!" I don't really know whose house they mean. If it was a small house there might be a problem, considering the energy levels of those belting out the statement. More likely, I suppose the "house" is wherever those students happen to be, and by golly you now know, if you didn't before, that they are there.
       The interesting thing about a lot of this craziness is that many of those students - yes, even those with red and gold body paint - are among the top achievers at Coronado. Most will no doubt be successful in their careers and the backbones of their communities. And they in turn might raise children of their own who behave insanely at a Homecoming Parade. Moral of the story? I'm not sure, but I've just got one question for the smart people. Have you got spirit, yes, do you?

- K.J.