Cougar pride in full view on avenue

       TOP: The Coronado Band heads down Colorado Avenue from 29th Street at the start of the school’s Homecoming Parade Sept. 22. 
BOTTOM LEFT: The cross-country float didn’t win a prize but it was the most active. 
BOTTOM RIGHT: The swim team puts on Broadway-style moves on their first-place float.
Westside Pioneer photos Several hundred students and adult supporters whooped it up on Colorado Avenue the morning of Sept. 22 as they rode, walked, marched, drove, ran, and even played softball or street hockey in the 38th annual Coronado High School Homecoming Parade.
       Meanwhile, a crowd equivalent to previous year's estimates of up to 1,000 people stood between 29th and 24th streets cheering, waving and taking countless photos and videos.
       The whole affair wrapped up with a pep rally at Bancroft Park, during which Coronado Cougars athletic director Dave Howard expressed the school's delight at its once-a-year event in Old Colorado City. “Thank you, Westside community,” he said during his remarks. “You really make this day unlike any day anywhere else.”
       The school's Student Council organizes the event, which this year consisted of 26 entries, including school sports teams and clubs and several Coronado feeder schools. Music was provided by the CHS pep band, the West Middle School marching band and the Holmes Middle School jazz band.
       “It went very smoothly,” Student Body President Andrew Ives said afterwards. “Every-one showed up that said they would, and all went according to plan.”
       A monetary prize went to the winning float, which this year was the Cougar swim team, dressed up like Broadway dancers (sans shirts) in keeping with the parade's “Broadway” theme. They got to keep $100 of the $250 award, with the other $150 going to the charity of their choice.
       The only drawback to the day was the football team losing its Homecoming game (later that day) for the fifth straight year. “We're calling it the Cougar curse,” Ives laughed.

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