SVPs on West Colorado Avenue are sent back behind bars

       The scenario of two sexually violent predators as roommates on West Colorado Avenue has ended with both going back behind bars.
       Both Vernon Eugene Stewart and Rashaun Demetrius Faulcon have violated their parole in recent weeks and are being processed back into the Colorado Deparment of Corrections, according to Dawn Capps, Sex Offender Registration coordinator for El Paso County.
       The two had been sharing an apartment unit at 3431 W. Colorado Ave. since May; Faulcon had been there since April.
       Capps said Faulcon “got evicted from his address” a month and a half ago but did not have information on the circumstances. She also did not know what Stewart had done to violate his parole (about two weeks ago), but in neither case had there been any violence or threatening behavior toward residents in that area, she noted.
       SVP is a rare label, applied by authorities to only about 1 of every 330 of the state's registered sex offenders, based on the severity of their crimes.

Westside Pioneer/press release