CSHP building its segment of Centennial extension

       Construction has been occuring in recent weeks on the Centennial Boulevard extension south of Fillmore Street. However, Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP) is not yet ready to start building its planned 110,000-square-foot medical center just east of the extension, according to Lynn Jones of CSHP.
       “Getting permits has taken longer than anticipated,” she said, adding that “we're still discussing what we're going to have there for patients.”
       One thing locals won't see as much of is grading activity. After more than a year of cutting and filling on the hilltop, “most of the grading for our site is complete,” Jones said.
       She estimated that CSHP, which is currently leasing space elsewhere, could relocate to the 44-acre Fillmore site “by late 2009 or early 2010, but that's probably aggressive.”
       In the meantime, she said there are no plans to allow traffic on the four-lane, median-divided extension, which, when completed, will only go to the southern edge of the property.
       Another unopened segment of the road has been built in the Indian Hills subdivision about a quarter-mile to the south.
       Centennial Boulevard is master-planned to continue from Fillmore to the Fontanero Street interchange at I-25.

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