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Construction starts on brewpub that will allow dining with dogs

In late August, this equipment was set up on the future Pub Dog brewpub site on Bott Avenue, as a crew drilled piers for soil stabilization. A spring opening is anticipated.
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Site preparation, including the installation of 28 piers into bedrock to overcome soil stability issues, has been under way since August on the site of Pub Dog.
       The brewpub in the 2200 block of Bott Avenue is designed for people who want to eat out with their dogs.
       The goal is to open for business in April, according to Scott Downs, the project developer. The owner is his daughter Tara.
       With the piers and other stabilization work, “we have a foundation that can't heave with the soil conditions, is super insulated because it is not in contact with the ground and best of all acts as a sound sink so the interior of the restaurant will not bounce sound as much,” Downs summarized.
       Plans call for a 2,340-square-foot building, with a parking lot and dog play areas outside.
       About three years ago, Tara and Scott were able to convince the Colorado Health Department to change its requirements to make such a restaurant possible (in part by dividing the restaurant between canine and non-canine sides). They also met with more than 20 property owners in the mixed-use Bott Avenue neighborhood and convinced the city to approve a zoning change for their 18,000-square-foot lot.

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(Posted 9/27/16; Land: Construction)

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