Focus on Old Colorado City progress
       I was somewhat surprised by your “Desperately Seeking Scarecrows” column [Editor's Desk, Sept. 18 Westside Pioneer]. I don't know when you drove through Old Colorado City on Thursday, but if it was before 10 a.m. most were still safely secured inside the stores. We have over 60 scarecrows this year, the largest participation in our history. Leaving them out at night puts them at risk and we take the extra caution to bring them in at closing time.
       I am disappointed that there was this “negative” commentary about Old Colorado City and its traditions - and lack of progress. We are taking firm steps to create an experience that is inviting and memorable to entice visitors and our local community to support us. An article such as yours is not helpful... it isn't even factual. Hope you get the camera out and come by again for another look and your fact-finding steps report the positive side of what the OCCA and the Zeal Group do for this community.

Sharon Wolff

Editor’s note: We’ve heard similar sentiments from a few other merchants. Certainly, no insult was intended by the column. As you know, we’ve written countless stories for years about Old Town business owners’ volunteer efforts. Please re-read the last three sentences: “Maybe I’m wrong, maybe two minutes after my drive scarecrows started popping up like mad. I hope so. I’d rather be wrong on this one.” As it turned out, they did pop up, even if they were a week later than originally scheduled. So I’ll happily eat (scare)crow!