New art from old materials at Jackson Elementary

       Jackie Robbie is the volunteer art teacher at Jackson Elementary, but she also thinks about the world around her. One thing she's convinced of is that as a society we should be less wasteful. So she started thinking about ways to work this message into her art classes this fall. With classmates’ work on the same project as a backdrop,
Jackson Elementary art students (from left) Felix Gutierrez,
Kali Peltier, Alondra Serna, Gabrielle Hemphill and Marlie Groshans hold up their work.
Westside Pioneer photo
       The results can be seen in her classroom and on the walls in the school library. Students in different grade levels came up with ways to make a sun image out of such reusable materials as toilet and paper-towel rolls, plastic bags, newspapers, cardboard and water bottles.
       "I want to get across the idea that this generation has to be more community-minded," Robbie said. "We have too much trash these days."
       She not only sees it in grown-ups, but in children. "Students at school throw away a lot of stuff they didn't need in the first place."
       In a brief interview, several Jackson kids showed they understood. "We should recycle, not always buy new," commented Gabrielle Hemphill, a Jackson third-grader.
       "We can reuse things instead of throwing them away," said fourth-grader Felix Gutierrez.
       Fifth-grader Kali Peltier added that plastic bags especially can be reused.
       The artwork's sun motif helped emphasize its importance as a primary natural force. "It makes the plants and trees grow," noted fifth-grader Alondra Serna.

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