Contracted D-11 study to lead to closure policy

       In conjunction with potential school closures, District 11 has contracted with the Englewood firm of Lantz-Boggio Architects to prepare a grades K-12 school utilitzation study.
       District officials hope the study, priced at $124,960, will help provide the Board of Education develop a viable policy to decide what schools to close, according to Shirley Stevens, a D-11 administrator.
       Last spring, district staff had recommended closing the Westside's Pike Elementary (as well as Longfellow Elementary east of downtown).The main reason for Pike was its small size, which makes it more costly to run; in response, parents and staff cited examples of the school's academic gains - despite a high percentage of low- income students -and how school staff has worked individually with students and their families. In May, the board postponed a decision, saying it needed an overall school-closure policy.
       The Lantz-Boggio report is anticipated by the Nov. 5 board meeting.

Westside Pioneer/press release