4 ArtSports athletes win at National Championships

       Four ArtSports Trampoline World athletes won at the recent National Championships in Kansas City, Mo. Twelve-year-old Sam Chiacchia (pronounced “Key-ah- key-ah”) led the way with a gold medal for the second straight year at nationals in double-mini trampoline. He also earned bronze medals for third places in tumbling and trampoline. Recent National Championship winners for their age and skill levels are ArtSports athletes (from left) Dominic McCaron, 
Tyler Gentry, Kristi Reck and Sam Chiacchia.
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       ArtSports is a gymnasium on the Westside at 780 Vondelpark Drive that offers classes and coaching.
       Other ArtSports winners were Kristi Reck, 15, trampoline; Tyler Gentry, 12, tumbling; and Dominic McCaron, 8, tumbling.
       Including silvers and bronzes, ArtSports athletes earned a total of 16 medals at the week-long event.
       To qualify for Nationals, athletes needed to be judged to have the appropriate skills for their age levels at the Regional and State events last spring. Meeting this standard were 26 students in all from ArtSports.
       Chiacchia, who has been training half his 12 years at ArtSports, said his goal is to "go to the Olympics" in trampoline, double-mini and tumbling (assuming tumbling gets added as an event). "I want to be first in all three events," he said.
       Exept for a month off in the summer, the Eagle View Middle School student keeps up a regular athletic regimen - going to the gym Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and playing tennis Tuesdays and Thursdays.
       ArtSports silver medalists were:
       Tumbling - Andrew Miller.
       Trampoline - Cyndi Reck, Tim Rohlfing.
       Double Mini - Devin Perry, Chad Bowman, Sarah Banta, Connor Sloan.
       Bronze medalists:
       Trampoline - Scott Autry, Bowman, Chiacchia.
       Double Mini - Delanie Manning.
       Tumbling - Chiacchia.

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