Westside post office needs improvements
       Have you noticed the post office on the Westside? I know the powers that be wanted to close it, but it certainly is not as up-to-date or as nice as those new ones on the “eastside.” What bothers me is the area around the building - weeds, trash and general unsightliness.
       Then there is the position of the drive-up letter boxes, which in general are unsafe and awkward for drivers, being on the wrong side of the street. And the parking lot is essentially unused and unavailable for public use. Why not move the drive-up letter boxes into that space and leave some of the parking for post office patrons? Yes, I have been told the parking is for employees, but you never see 20 employees there and only three to five cars at most.
       Of course, it is obvious that we on the Westside are just second-class citizens and patrons. Guess we are lucky to have even what we have -it befits our second-class status and speaks volumes as to our importance as patrons. Thank you, post office management! (If there is any.)

Harvey McAnulty