Goats doing ‘beautiful job’ at park

       The visiting goat herd at Bear Creek Regional Park is on schedule to keep munching weeds until Sunday, Sept. 27.

A goat steps up for a better view during a weed-feeding session in Bear Creek Park this week. The herd will be on hand through Sept. 27.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Since arriving Sept. 18, the 500 goats from Landers, Wyo., have been doing a “beautiful, beautiful job,” said Char Nymann, president of the Bear Creek Garden Association, which had organized their coming.
       On Saturday, Sept. 26 at 10 a.m., goat owner Lani Malmberg plans to give a free demonstration with her sheep dog, to which the public is invited. This will be near the association's garden off Creek Crossing, southeast of 21st and Rio Grande streets.
       The non-profit association has fundraised the $5,000 needed to contract with Malmberg and her herd to provide organic weed-control in a 20-acre buffer area around the group's 2-acre garden.

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