Pete Lee announces for House District 18; has endorsement of incumbent Merrifield

       Colorado Springs attorney Pete Lee, a Democrat, recently announced that he will run in 2010 for the House District 18 seat currently held by Democrat Michael Merrifield.
       Merrifield, who is term-limited after being elected to four two-year terms, has endorsed Lee, who ran unsuccessfully against Republican Keith King for the Senate District 12 seat in 2008.
       No Republican candidate has announced yet for HD18.
       The Westside Pioneer asked four questions of Lee. The questions and his responses (edited for space) follow.
       From a personal standpoint, why are you running for this seat?
       Because I love our community and I want to enable our children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities that Lynn and I have had. That means access to excellent public schools, good jobs, health care, arts and an environment with extraordinary recreational opportunities.
       Are there any goals you with to accomplish that are specific to HD 18?
       I am committed to working with our community leaders from our schools, our businesses and our human service areas in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, to identify and address how the state can help us meet our local needs. We need to return our state to fiscal stability, cultivate well-paying local jobs, improve the performance of our schools and find ways to provide access to affordable healthcare.
       Do you expect any other Democrat challengers, and/or does Michael Merrifield's endorsement indicate you are the party's choice?
       I have not heard of any other prospective Democratic candidates who are interested in House District 18. I am honored by Rep. Michael Merrifield's endorsement. As the four-term incumbent, he clearly understands what it takes to represent this district.
       In what ways will you be campaigning in the months ahead (door to door, rallies, press conferences etc.)?
       My campaign is in the planning stages but will consist of all of the strategies you mention. During the fall, I plan to continue my community activities with the local school districts, Pikes Peak Mental Health and restorative justice, as well as attend events and participate in activities in House District 18 At this point, our plan is to begin [precinct] walking in the spring.

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