Utilities to install OCC streetlights between Oct. 1 and Dec. 1

       Colorado Springs Utilities plans to begin work after Oct. 1 that will lead to 41 new or replacement streetlights in Old Colorado City by Dec. 1, according to Judy Kasten, chair of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance Board.
       An exact date when Utilities crews will be on the street is still being planned, Utilities official Jim Thomas told the Westside Pioneer.
       The board worked out a shared-purchase plan with Utilities this summer. The idea is to upgrade Colorado Avenue and its side streets (to the alleys) with lights that will be shorter, brighter and more historic in appearance than the Utilities “cobra-headed” lights that have lit the area between 24th and 27th streets for about 50 years.
       According to Utilities estimates, the lights should be brighter than those in downtown Colorado Springs.
       A prototype of the new two-headed streetlight design is along the sidewalk on the south side of Bancroft Park, between 24th Street and Colbrunn Court. The lights that will be installed will be 2 feet shorter (14 feet high).

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