1621 W. Colorado Ave. facelift zips through Planning Commission, goes to City Council Sept. 28

       Joe Schmeiler and Linda Abramson, co-owners of the commercial building at 1621 W. Colorado Ave., are looking forward to starting a major remodel of the structure as soon as Colorado Springs City Council says it's OK.
       The plan, calling for a second story and a new façade, received “consent” approval from City Planning Commission Sept. 9 and is scheduled before council Tuesday, Sept. 28.
       The plan calls for the ground floor to have retail and office space, while the new upstairs will have offices and apartments. The current space totals 3,192 square feet; the proposal increases that to 5,715. Part of the rear of the building will be converted into a carport. On agreement with the neighbor to the west, a decrepit brick structure that is leaning against the 1621 building will be torn down.
       “We're so far behind schedule,” Schmeiler told the Westside Pioneer, explaining why he wants to get going right away. He had expected to start work three months ago, which is why the building is without tenants, he said.
       He said the roughly 40-year-old edifice will be “practically a new building” by the time the work is done. “We think it will be a huge improvement for the area.”

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