COBWEB CORNERS: A walk on the Avenue: Part 3

By Mel McFarland

       Here we are on our trip up the Avenue in 1943. This time I want to start at 21st Street. Across from Sacred Heart Church is Micci & Sons Grocery. Even in the 1950's this was a popular grocery store. Up at 23rd, Blunt Mortuary and Safeway are still there, with the Safeway Garage next door. There were many families along both sides of the street, and Majors Garage sat at the corner.
       Wilson's Antiques, Decker Laboratories, Lynn's Home Bakery and a vacant store started the south side across from the park. What would be the Merri-Lane was Odds & Ends Furniture, with the WCTU Hall upstairs. The Blue Lantern was there, which may have had a railroad connection. A blue lantern was put on cars being worked on, and could not be removed by anyone other than the one who put it there.
       The Emmanuel Missionary was in the bank building on the corner, with Ascough Dry Goods, Central Foods, Kitchen Maid Baker and West End Furniture on the north side up to 25th. On the south was Joe's Barber shop, West Side Pop Corn, Williams Cigars, Hobbs Cafe, The Trading Post before Osborne Drugs. Hamilton Market looked across to a vacant store at 2502. Next door to Hamilton's was Piggly Wiggly Store. Fink's Variety was at 2504. Cunningham's Cafe was next to Moore's Furniture exchange and the Alta-Gae Beauty shop. Back on the north side, Preiss Plumbing, and Sanitary Market, with Quality Cash Market showed that there was plenty of competition for your food dollar, or ration ticket, on Colorado Avenue in 1943. The Post Office was in the building with Cole Drug Company at 2512. Schoch's was not there yet, but Clint Hill had a barber shop there, and Harry Karr had a pool hall where Roger's Bar would be. Above Bill Miller's Lunch Room at 2528 was the West Side Bowling Alleys.
       At 26th, it was West Side Phillips 66, operated by Ed Prenzlow, but the spot at 2602 was vacant. Down the street, Clark's was there, but across the street was Louis Unser's house, that being Bobby's uncle. The House of Warwick Antiques was in the old hotel at 2801. The grocery store at 30th was Brookside Grocery & Meats in 1943, and Cupp's Cottages could be found at 31st. Want to go to 1932? Right here next week.