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Removal of Uintah Gardens bins leaves paper recycling gap on Westside

       For a number of years, there has been at least one full-sized location - and often more than one - to recycle newspapers and magazines on the Westside.
       Not anymore.
       Because of reported trash issues, the Waste Management company recently removed its recycling bins from the Uintah Gardens shopping center at 19th and Uintah streets.
       It had been the last full-sized paper-accepting location known to the Westside Pioneer on this side of town. Others removed in recent years have been Bestway's bins in the Red Rock shopping center lot on Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street, as well as ones outside the Shrine Club on 33rd Street and West Middle School.
       Reycling bins that allow a few papers or magazines to be inserted at one time do exist at Red Rock Canyon Open Space, from the access off Ridge Road and Highway 24. There are five of these at the main parking lot and three more at the lot nearest to the trail going to the open space's pavilion.
       Waste Management spokesperson Lara Rezzarday said the Uintah Gardens bins were taken out at the request of the center's King Soopers grocery store. “People were putting too much trash in it and not utilizing it as a recycle drop off,” Rezzarday said, summarizing King Soopers' reasons.

Signs outside these bins in the Red Rock shopping center say it accepts second-hand goods for the Ronald McDonald House. Just before this photo was taken, a woman had slid inside with a flashlight, possibly dumpster-diving. The police were contacted.
Westside Pioneer photo
       She pointed out that “Waste Management does still offer a free recycling drop off at our Materials Recovery Facility located at 602 Fourth Street [on the east side, north of Fillmore Street and east of Nevada Avenue] and we also offer curbside collection all over the metro area as well.”
       The Pioneer contacted Waste Management after a reader e-mailed to report the Uintah Garden bins were gone. The reader said the bins had been a benefit initially, but “after a period of time they were so full that nothing more could be added. I called King Soopers because items were being left outside the dumpsters, and one day there was junk thrown everywhere. The manager I spoke with said that people were using these containers for everything but recycling (not surprising) and that the night before a woman had been dumpster-diving and had thrown everything out. Two days later the containers were gone and nothing replaced them.”
       Regarding all types of recycling, here are the Westside drop-off locations that the Pioneer is aware of:
       - Eighth Street Wal-Mart parking lot - Goodwill takes old computer equipment and some second-hand materials at an attended trailer.
       - Humane Society (on Abbott Street, across from Wal-Mart) - a bin for aluminum cans.
       - Goodwill dock, in the the alley behind 2307 W. Colorado Ave. - an attended center that takes second-hand materials.
       - Red Rock Center - A company called Recycle That provides two bins, asking for second-hand goods for the Ronald McDonald House charity. Editor's note: A younger woman with light-brown hair was seen sliding inside one of the bins with a flashlight Sept. 20. The sighting was reported to police.
       - Red Rock Canyon - The eight limited-opening bins noted above accept many types of recyclables. Among these are regular paper, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, paper bags and cardboard. Other types are glass bottles and jars, metal cans and plastic bottles.
       If readers know of any other recycling drop-offs on the Westside, please contact us so that we can publish them.

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(Posted 9/25/14, updated 9/28/14; Community: Ongoing Issues)

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