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Coronado High School Homecoming Parade Sept. 27 - photos

With more than 30 entries - including marchers, floats and three musical groups - the annual Coronado High Homecoming Parade enlivened Colorado Avenue the morning of Sept. 27. The parade start, shown above near 28th Street, was different than in past years because the full Coronado band was unable to perform. But the band's drum line kept up a steady beat (as seen behind the Coronade Boy Scout contingent, Troop 53). Organized by student government, this year's parade had a circus theme, which inspired clowns, a juggler or two and some zany floats and costumes. The avenue was closed for the roughly hour-long event between 30th and 23rd streets. The parade ended at Bancroft Park, where a pep rally was held for the football team's Homecoming Game that afternoon. (Coronado won 37-14, to go 5-1 on the season.) A dance was also scheduled at the school in the evening. Among the several hundred parade attendees was District 11 Superintendent Nick Gledich, who praised the event as a way of bringing the Westside community together and said he's only missed one Coronado parade since coming to Colorado Springs in 2009. There was one fairly major glitsh this year, however. The pre-parade Pancake Breakfast in Bancroft Park, the event's biggest annual fundraiser, had to be canceled because of a communications breakdown resulting in no cooking grills being brought to the park.
ABOVE: Coronado cheerleaders are joined by younger counterparts as the parade moves through the 2700 block. RIGHT: Cougars Gone Wired, the Coronado club that builds a robot for national competition each year, was well represented with marchers and a float.

LEFT: The Coronado Juniors float gets loud. ABOVE: A parade clown lets a young attendee select a favorite candy at the intersection of 26th Street and Colorado Avenue.
The Coronado volleyball team populated a float, carried signs and showed plenty of spirit.
ABOVE: Young and younger are seen on and next to the Bristol Elementary School float. RIGHT: Midland Elementary Principal Jeremy Cramer (in clownish hat) accompanies the school's marching group, featuring two circus-style performers in the foreground.
Jackson Elementary got into the circus theme with signs, oversized sunglasses and other interesting apparel.
RIGHT: The Coronado girls softball float is shown as team members worked on it in the Barkley family driveway on 30th Street on Sept. 26 (the day before the parade). ABOVE: The softball float is seen as it appeared in the parade, being pulled down the avenue by a truck with balloons and "baseball" wheels.
LEFT: Riding in a pickup truck, the Coronado tennis team makes a "racquet." ABOVE: Several members of the West Middle School band are shown as they march along the 2500 block.
Holmes Middle School's computer team (light red shirts), student government and other students move forward en masse behind their banner.
LEFT: Shooting at a moving basket was a fun challenge for a couple of Coronado girls basketball players. ABOVE: Parade-goers make their way to Bancroft Park for the climaxing rally.

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(Posted 9/27/14; Schools: Coronado High School)

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