EDITORíS DESK: Opposites that donít attract?

       Isn't that some little dust-up between Dave Hughes and Lisa Czelatdko?
       Those new in town might raise their eyebrows at the retired colonel's impudence and ferocity, but it's no real surprise to those of us who've seen him in action over the years. He's a decorated veteran who was in some of the hardest fighting of the Korean War, and a truculent determination seems to be threaded through all his endeavors. But don't think I'm making excuses for him. That's the last thing he wants or needs. Sure, if I was his paid advisor (like he'd ever have such a person!), I'd have said, "What you wrote here is rude and insensitive. She's new on council. Why don't you call her up, ask her how she spends her time and present detailed questions about the key issues?" But Dave would probably take that suggestion with the same kind of impatience as in Korea if some pencil-neck from the rear called in to make sure the Chinese communist prisoners of war were getting three square meals a day. His style is to charge forward, guns blazing, and the fact is, over the years, as aggravating as it has been to his adversaries, it has usually worked. His fingerprints can be found on an astonishing number of the Old Colorado City/Westside improvements over the past 35 years.
       As for Lisa, her big "mistake" was not to seek an early audience with Dave. Yeah, she must have known he sides with the "other"party and it's easy to say one person shouldn't get special treatment when you're trying to serve a whole district, but we're talking Hughes here. Practically a one-man district. Another thing: Lisa likes to emphasize how many people she reaches through social media. But Madam Councilwoman, this is the Westside, and even though you're clearly up the scale with the techno-savvy, there are tons of people over here who don't care a fig about the Internet, let alone friending people on Facebook.
       The good part of all this, I think, is Dave bringing Lisa into the open. Her responses to his accusations reveal - at least to those of us in the "anti-social" media - a person dedicated to being a quality representative. I don't applaud his methods, but in a way I wish he'd done it sooner.

- K.J.