Contemplative Trail upgrade


Recently built steps on the Contemplative Trail in Red Rock Canyon. The trail goes past rock formations near the west edge of the open space.
Westside Pioneer photo
A volunteer crew recently hand-built a 10-step set of rock stairs on the Contemplative Trail, located along the west edge of Red Rock Canyon Open Space. According to Bob Johnson, president of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon and project leader, the rocks had been gathered from elsewhere on the property by Mike Weeks, Red Rock's park ranger, who delivered them near the construction site with a front-end loader.
       “They were perfect steps, some precut,” Johnson said. “There was a lot of sweat equity that day in the heat as my crew hauled the stones and rip-rap by wheelbarrow.”
       The Contemplative Trail was originally built in 2005 by volunteers with the Friends and Garden of the Goddesses Club, in cooperation with City Parks. The recent project was led by Johnson's CATs (Coalition of Active Trail-builders) group.

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