CHS float competition precedes Oct. 1 parade

       For 35 years, Coronado High has sponsored an annual Homecoming Parade through Old Colorado City. During that time, depending on the talent and spirit of the school's volunteer participants, float designs have ranged from quite clever and artistic to… somewhat less clever and artistic.
       There's no certainty what the 36th annual parade will offer when it rolls down Colorado Avenue at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, but at least the participants can't say they lacked incentive.
       In a new move this year, the CHS Student Council is offering a $250 prize to the float that's judged the best. In addition, each float entry is getting $15 to help cover preparation costs. Of that, $100 will go to the club and $150 to the charity of the club members' choice.
       “I heard some people are going to get pretty elaborate,” said Student Council faculty advisor Josue Palacios.
       According to Student Body President Matt Dooley, there could be more than 15 floats in this year's parade. Anticipated entries are from the 11 school sports teams and “four or five” clubs.
       “We're hoping the prize will spur competition, which will mean more people participating and more spectators,” he said, adding an invitation to Westsiders to come enjoy the show.
       The theme this year is Disney, but Dooley knows better than to expect strict adherence to that motif. “Ultimately, it's just whatever,” he said. “Like the swim team - they never stick to the theme, but their floats are always excellent.”
       Also anticipated to join the parade are the Coronado band and Homecoming royalty, as well as the two Westside middle schools and four of the elementary schools.
       The parade is expected to last up to an hour. A pep rally for the Homecoming football game (1 p.m. against Gateway High in Garry Berry Stadium) will follow in Bancroft Park. The Homecoming King & Queen will be crowned at half time, and the Homecoming Dance will be that night from 8 to 11 p.m.

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