EDITORíS DESK: Looking to the weekend

       The coming weekend on the Westside is shaping up as one of those warm, memorable ones that will be especially good to look back on when the weather turns cold.
       What a variety of things that can be done! On Saturday, Sept. 24, you can learn about blacksmithing at Rock Ledge Ranch, build a trail at Red Rock Canyon, learn about bees and honey at the Bear Creek Nature Center, or do Scarecrow Days in Old Colorado City (including artist pavement-painting, art gallery visits and sampling local restaurants' fare). And if, somewhere in the midst of all that, you start feeling charitable and musically inclined (not to mention a little thirsty), there's the fund-raising concert at Thunder & Buttons to help Katrina aid efforts.
       Sunday won't be quite so hectic - just a continuation of Saturday's Scarecrow Days stuff. Is this the best side of town, or what?
       Agree with him or not, there's no quesioning Councilman Jerry Heimlicher's willingness to move forward on what he believes is right. On Page 2, in his first column for the Westside Pioneer, he outlines his plan to limit the craft shows in Bancroft Park next summer. Undoubtedly this will not please the crafters, who believe they have a legal right to use a public park when and as they see fit, and a donnybrook may still result. Regarding Heimlicher's position on the stormwater enterprise, you have to admire an official with the guts to say he prefers a council vote to an election because he thinks the public might vote against it. I'm not sure I'm with you on that, Councilman, but you definitely get a tip of my reporter's hat.

- K.J.