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'Grass station' offers win-win for motorists using medical marijuana

This is the new sign that's been erected at the southwest corner of 1705 W. Uintah St., letting people know that's a site where they will soon be able to buy gas for their cars and shop at a medical marijuana dispensary.
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       A gas station with a medical marijuana (MMJ) dispensary is scheduled to open in early October at a former Conoco station at 17th and Uintah streets.
       The owner is Native Roots, a Denver-based business that already has 12 MMJ locations around the state. That number will grow to 14 with the simultaneous opening of both the Uintah Gas & Grass and another on North Academy Boulevard, according to information in a press release.
       Native Roots “is changing the way people buy marijuana with the introduction of Gas & Grass,” the release states. “Rather than make a separate stop for pot, customers can cover two errands in one.”
       The gas station convenience store and the dispensary will share the same building - 1,152 square feet at the Uintah site - but each will be a "separate entity," the release notes. The proximity will allow customers to "shop the dispensary while their gas is pumping and then receive discounted gas with proof of purchase from the dispensary,” the release adds.
       The location, which has the formal address of 1705 W. Uintah St., is roughly a half-acre in size.
       The gas enterprise at Uintah is under NR Gas LLC, which “has hired gas professionals to run the station,” according to Mandy Melby, a Native Roots spokesperson.
       She did not reply to a question about what name of gasoline would be offered, just that there would be “branded gas pumps.”
       The Native Roots website states that its “flagship dispensary” is in downtown Denver.
       The website also states that the Native Roots “goal is to change the perception of marijuana, its consumption, while showcasing the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant, in addition to the ways cannabis can be included in daily life as an lifesaving alternative medicine… Each of our stores offers a wide selection of products in addition to flowers (buds), which include wax, shatter, live resin, pre- rolled cones, vape pens, dab rigs, and so much more.”
       According to the El Paso County Assessor's website, the current gas station/convenience store at 17th and Uintah was built in 1989. The previous operation closed about a year ago.

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(Posted 9/23/15; Business: New)

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