Fillmore-GoG I-25 widening complete

       The third lane for northbound I-25 between Fillmore Street and Garden of the Gods Road opened this week.
       This gives motorists three lanes each way between Uintah Street and Garden of the Gods. The third northbound lane had dropped off at the Fillmore off-ramp.
       The widening is part of the interstate project known as COSMIX.
       Northbound traffic, which had been backing up sometimes at Fillmore, “is moving smoothly” now to Garden of the Gods, according to Bill Badger of Rockrimmon Constructors. North of there to Woodmen Avenue, there are still two lanes each way because of continuing work in the Nevada-Rockrimmon area.
       The southbound third lane between Fillmore and Garden of the Gods opened about two weeks ago.
       Rockrimmon had actually built the new lanes late last year, but weather, construction and safety issues had prevented them from being opened until this month.

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