No diacetyl in Scoutsí popcorn

       The Pikes Peak Council of the Boy Scouts of America has announced that the popcorn scouts are selling as part of their annual fundraising effort does not contain the butter flavoring chemical (diacetyl), On the Westside are Cub Scouts Pack 6 (Howbert Elementary), Pack 2 (Bristol Elementary), Pack 22 (Ivywild Elementary) and Pack 24 (Washington Elementary); and Boy Scouts Troop 3 (Trinity United Methodist Church).
       Formerly a widespread flavoring chemical, diacetyl had been considered safe until a link was made between a life-threatening lung disease and food company employees who had inhaled large dosages of it. As a result, Weaver Popcorn, which the Pikes Peak Council uses, replaced diacetyl with another flavor formulation, according to Ian Lillien, scout executive for the Pikes Peak Council.
       Last year the Pikes Peak Council sold more than $1.1 million worth of popcorn, all of which benefitted local scouting, he said.

From a press release