Calvary Worship Center unveils 27,000-square-foot building at complex off King

       An estimated 600 to 650 people attended the Sept. 14 opening of the expanded Calvary Worship Center off King and 30th streets. The evening event included a ribbon-cutting for the new building and a dedication service inside it. The stairway between the two floors. The entrance to the sanctuary is at far right, on the first floor.
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       The nearly 27,000-square-foot edifice, combined with the old 16,000-square-foot facility (a converted 1950s supermarket), appears to make Calvary the largest church complex on the Westside.
       “It was a very big success,” said John VanDerWege, the Worship Center's assistant pastor of administration and finance, of the opening event. “We felt real good about it. It's been a long time coming.”
       He said it was about 2 ˝ years ago that church members started talking about more space for the growing congregation. The end product, after 13 months of construction, is a two-story structure that provides a sanctuary, preschool and adult classrooms., a bookstore, outdoors deck and coffee shop. A bridge from the east parking lot to the second floor allows handicapped access.
       The sanctuary seats about 750 people and includes large video screens which can display graphics or text. One use will be during church services, when Pittman typically employs PowerPoint slides to reference scriptures, VanDerWege said.
       Although the building is complete, a few “punchlist items” remain, as well as landscaping. Because of the proximity of the cold season, sod may not be laid until the spring, he said.
       A converted supermarket on the 5.44-acre property, where church activities have occurred since Calvary moved to the Westside nine years ago, will continue to be used
       Construction was by Merritt General Contractors. The facility used a pre-manufactured metal building package. The roughly $3 million cost of the new building is being paid in part through mortgage payments, with the balance covered by donations. “We raised a lot of money, so we didn't have to finance it all,” VanDerWege said.
       The project also included parking upgrades. The church now has a total of 260 spaces in its lots.

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