3 from ArtSports win national titles in their categories

       Colorado Springs athletes training at ArtSports Trampoline World scored three gold, two silver and five bronze medals, including 29 top-10 finishes, at the recent National Champion-ships in Memphis, Tenn.
       More than 1,600 trampolinists and power tumblers competed, with entrants going up against those in the same age group and similarly-rated skill level.
       Events included trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini-trampoline and power tumbling.
       ArtSports coach Tex Womack was excited about the results, saying “We really could have had five or six more gold medals. Lots of kids just missed winning medals more than once. These kids are amazing, but wait till you see Colorado's next wave of talent.”
       Gold medalists were:
  • Double mini trampoline - Sam Chiacchia, age 11; Justin Hackett, 16.
  • Trampoline - Chad Bowman, 9.
           Silver medalists were:
  • Power tumbling - Chiacchia, Hackett.
           Bronze medalists were:
  • Power tumbling - Andrew Miller, 13; Austin Tyler, 13.
  • Trampoline - Cameron Heimerdinger, 15; Tim Rohlfing, 17; Chiacchia.
           To qualify for nationals, athletes needed to be judged as having the appropriate skills at the preceding regional and state events. Just winning was not sufficient to qualify.
           Formerly on Northpark Road, Artsports opened in a new building at 780 Vondelpark Drive two years ago. The website is Artsportsworld.com. The phone is 531- 5867.

    From a press release