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Friend of previous owner takes over 23-year Colorado Avenue auto-repair shop

Michael Murphy stands next to his 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air in front of the garage bays at Peak Auto Service. Nicknamed "Big Red," the car had belonged to Roger Sharp, the previous owner of the business, and was included as part of the transaction.
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Five years ago, Roger Sharp, bought Peak Auto Service from Scotty West, who had started the full-service repair shop in 1993.
       Sharp and West were friends, having worked together previously.
       The same sort of conviviality is evident in the recent change of ownership for the business at 1723 W. Colorado Ave.
       “I've known Roger since I was in high school,” said new owner Michael Murphy. He was taking classes (late 1970s) in Doherty High's vocational auto program. “Roger was at a Napa store, and I met him as part of a city auto parts knowledge contest [which Murphy won].”
       In the mid-'80s, by then a professional parts man, Murphy went to work for Sharp at a Napa store in Limon. This led to Murphy buying his first business at age 25 (an Amoco station in Limon that also did repairs).
       He's stayed self-employed most of the time since then, including an auto repair shop he started later on in Limon (after deciding to get out of the gas business) and another one still later during his 14 years in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
       Along the way, he's earned advanced certifications through ASE (the accreditation body for the motor trade), which he described as the “equivalent of a license for a plumber.”
       After returning to the Springs in 2010, Murphy worked in the automotive field and also taught auto classes for two semesters at Pueblo Community College. He hadn't been planning to run a repair shop again, but he warmed to the idea when Sharp offered him the opportunity to take over Peak Auto. The business fixes all kinds of cars, including older models.
       “Self-employment is what I've known most of my life,” Murphy said. “Honesty, integrity and competency is what I hang my hat on.”

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(Posted 9/21/16; Business: Changes)

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